Indwelt Bible STudies

Bite-Sized Studies for Busy Moms

"I know I'm supposed to read the Bible but I just don't have time!"

I get it.

You know you're supposed to read the Word, heck, you've even put it on your to-do list, but it just keeps getting pushed back.

Even when you do get time to actually read something, you either don't know where to start or nothing is really getting processed.

Been there. Done that.

Indwelt Bible Study Guide: Bite-Sized Bible Studies for Busy Christian Moms. Daily Devotionals. Women's Bible Study.


The Indwelt bite-sized Bible studies will make Bible-reading a regular habit, not an occasion;
it is quality quiet time that gets you observing, comprehending and applying the biblical text to your current season of life.


Indwelt Bible Study Guide: Bite-Sized Bible Studies for Busy Moms. (Sample Chapter)


Hold up a magnifying glass to the Scriptures and see what the text says.

Indwelt Bible Study Guide: Bite-Sized Bible Studies for Busy Moms. (Sample Chapter)


Process what the text means through guided questions, cross reference verses, cultural and historical backgrounds, other translations, and word studies.

Indwelt Bible Study Guide: Bite-Sized Bible Studies for Busy Moms. (Sample Chapter)


Live out the Truth in your current season of life through life application prompts.

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Quality Bible time doesn’t have to require a full hour of your full attention.
Simply begin with a heart that desires to draw near to God.

A few ways to get started with our Bible studies today:

Indwelt Women Academy

Become a member and get access to all current and future online Bible studies or community reading plans to dwell richly in the Word any time, any where on any device.

Learn more about the Academy here.

Revive My Quiet Time Free Challenge

A free 14-day challenge to give you the accountability you've been craving for + get you back in the Bible!

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The Noble Wife Bible Study

A mini study on biblical womanhood for wives, excerpted from our Proverbs 31 study (Strength + Dignity: Becoming the Proverbs 31 Lady)

Download The Noble Wife Bible Study here.

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Bite sized Bible studies for Busy Christian moms, new moms, new believers

You don't have to wait till your kids are out of the house to read the Word.

You can do it now.

Let's make this year a year of being fueled by the Truth so you can pour out to your family with a Truth-filled cup.

I absolutely loved the Bite-Sized Study Guide. Sometimes daily devotionals can be so long that it becomes hard to really dive deep into the word, the bite-sized study guide gives you a few verses at a time so that you can really pray, think, reflect, and study the scripture! Not only did it help me understand the verses better, but it’s also aimed at a Mama’s heart. I was able to apply what I read to my daily life as a mom and wife.
— Dani, a mom of 3