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LAUNCH!: The Interview - Hear Your Husband's Heart

It is HERE!!!

[happy dance]

I'm so excited to present you The Interview - Hear Your Husband's Heart.

My heart behind this pre-planned date came from my own experience.

I wanted to enjoy a quality date night with my husband. I wanted to connect with him deeply.

Yet it was so easy to let one week after another pass by while this quality date idea sat untouched.

Because planning took time and effort.

Because sometimes I was just too busy to plan it or too tired to actually plan it.

But I couldn't let that keep me from connecting with the man I loved the most.

So I sat down and brainstormed some questions that would allow me to know Grant in a deeper level.

Questions like, "Have I been encouraging to you when you needed it the most?".

Or, "Could you recall a time when I showed you respect?"

I asked Grant these questions on our 2-hour commute to visit family, and we had a great time talking.

It was a much needed time to just connect on a level we don't usually get to.

And I thought, if we had benefited from this Interview, there must be other husbands and wives who would too!

So voila! The birth of The Interview in a printable format.

This is for you, if you:

1) want to hear your husband's heart but are too tired to know where to start;

2) want to know what's going on in your husband's mind but are too busy to plan;

3) desire to study your husband better so you can love on him better.

The flexibility of this date makes it perfect for on the go (like how we did it). It also makes a great stay-in date night after dinner or after the kids have gone to bed. Or, why not hit up a coffee shop in town and enjoy a one-on-one time with your man!

The Interview - Hear Your Husband's Heart is now available for $4.97

To celebrate the launch, however, I am giving you a 20% off discount! Enter code


' at check out to redeem.

This offer will be available for 3 days only! (Ends on 2/25 11:59pm CST) Grab it before it goes!

I am glad I got to connect with Grant in a deeper way, I hope you will also get to experience that with your sweetheart! To purchase The Interview, click the link below.

Click Here to Purchase The Interview - Hear My Husband's Heart