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The Indwelt Women Podcast is for Christian women. Join us for short episodes every Wednesday on Christian living, Christian marriage, prayer, Christian theology. It also provides resources, tips, advice, tools, and encouragement grounded in the Bible.

Rejoice Always Challenge

We are called to "rejoice always".

We should make no excuses to practice it.

Will you join me the next couple weeks in giving thanks for all things God has blessed you with?

Let's jump right in and start with our spouses today.

A few questions to ask yourself:

1. How has God blessed you through your spouse?
2. Have you given Him thanks for your spouse lately?
3. Have you told your spouse of your appreciation lately?

If you haven't thanked God for your spouse lately, do it NOW!
If your spouse hasn't heard of your appreciation for him lately, do it NOW!

It never hurts to let people know of our appreciation :)

That's it for today - come back tomorrow for Day 2 of our challenge!