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The Indwelt Women Podcast is for Christian women. Join us for short episodes every Wednesday on Christian living, Christian marriage, prayer, Christian theology. It also provides resources, tips, advice, tools, and encouragement grounded in the Bible.

Sing to Him // Playlist Swap

Is worship music a part of your daily life? 

I like having worship music on to fill the quiet house during the day. 

i also find worship music helpful when I'm going through hard times.

Here at the Everleigh Company, I want to build meaningful community with you. So I thought I would share with you the on-going playlist I have on YouTube. I also updated the list on Spotify if that's your preferred music player.  Feel free to follow or to add the music to your own playlist!

Click here for the YouTube playlist

Click here for the Spotify playlist

Do YOU have a playlist?? How about we swap our lists?! Will you share with me what's been on repeat lately?