Revive My Quiet Time Challenge for Busy Christian Women, Moms and Wives to read the Bible more.

"I know I should be reading the Bible but I just don't have time!"

I get it.

You know you should be reading but you are just so darn busy, tired, frazzled, drained, exhausted; your quiet time is pretty much... non-existent.

You desire to be a great mom, a great wife, but your day-to-day actions and speech say otherwise.

Even when you do find time to read, you have no idea what you are reading so you close your Bible feeling empty and thirsty for more.

Revive My Quiet Time Challenge for Busy Christian Women, Wives and Moms to Read the Bible More

The Revive My Quiet Time! Challenge is your antidote to going through the motion.

It re-aligns your heart to Christ's so you can thrive in your greatest mission field - your home.


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Here is how the live challenge works:

1) Get a complimentary workbook in your inbox with the biblical text we will be reading together, plus tips and resources on how to get the most out of the Bible.

2) When the challenge goes live on January 3rd, 2018, I will be reading the same daily verse with you to keep you accountable. Read with me on FB + Instagram!

3) Get accountability + support from other women in the private Indwelt Women Facebook Community.

4) Read and dwell in the Word every day for 21 days! (You can do this!!)

5) Come out of the challenge feeling refreshed + filled because your cup is filled with His Truth!

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Quality Bible time doesn't have to be overwhelming;
it doesn't have to require a full hour of your full attention (ain't no mama got time for that!)

It starts with one verse and a heart that desires to draw near to God.


Revive My Quiet Time Challenge for Busy Christian Women, Moms, Wives, New Moms to Read The Bible More

You can do this, friend!

Let's make 2018 a year of you...

Fueled by the Truth so you can pour out to your family from a Truth-filled cup.

I love that we are studying the Word and going through slowly enough for a busy mama to study
[and] that you are asking the women to search deeper and think about the word through the questions.
— Nikki, a mama of two, plus one on the way