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Our shoppe offers Christian women Gospel-centered products, ie Bible Study Guides.

[A La Carte] Indwelt Women Academy Pre-Enrollment

[A La Carte] Indwelt Women Academy Pre-Enrollment


Limited Spot BOGO Special!

Sign up for A La Carte Enrollment and get a 2nd study for free. 
That's 2 studies (a $30 value) for just $15!! 
Only the first 15 of you will get this special - so hurry!!


Imagine this for a moment...

A community of women (singles, wives and moms alike) arming themselves with the sword of the Spirit (aka the Word of God) and linking arms to uphold one another as they fight the good fight to bring God glory in their faith, marriage, and motherhood.

They are fierce and unstoppable;
They shine like a bright star as Christ's ambassadors; and
Their impact goes from generation to generation.

THAT is what I envision the Indwelt Women Academy to do in the lives of thousands of women,
and I invite YOU to be a part of it.

The Academy is an online Bible study community that:

  • brings you quality Bible time in bite-sized chunks (10-15 minutes a day);
  • brings you deep into the Word through the Inductive Bible Study Method, cross-references, translation comparisons, word studies, and bonus videos;
  • provides a safe environment for women to grow as they support and learn from each other through discussion boards and community reading plans.

I'm happy to announce that pre-enrollment to this online community opens TODAY!
With your support, you can bring this community to life!

There are 2 ways to pre-enroll in the community:

$15 A La Carte Enrollment
A la carte enrollment gives you access to:
- one study of your choice inside the community;
- rich library of additional resources to help you dig deep into the Word;
- authentic community with women from all walks of life.

$35 Annual Enrollment
Annual enrollment gives you access to:
- 3 new studies a year inside the community;
- rich library of additional resources to help you dig deep into the Word;
- authentic community with women from all walks of life;
- automatic enrollment in community reading plans.

This listing is for the a la carte enrollment. For the annual enrollment, please click here.

This pre-enrollment is an all-or-nothing crowdfunding campaign (just like a Kickstarter campaign!).
Funds raised in pre-enrollment will be used to purchase the software necessary to run the online community.

Our goal is to raise $800.

Become a founding member of this online Bible study community today and bring it to life!

Want to make sure the community gets 100% funded? You can help!
Invite your friends + family to be founding members with you by sharing this page!

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When will the Academy be officially opened?
Estimated launch date is June 2018.

What happens if the Academy isn't fully funded?
All financial support will be refunded.

Can I change my enrollment plan?
You may upgrade from A La Carte to Annual Enrollment at any time.

Can I cancel my annual enrollment?
You may cancel at any time. When you cancel a subscription, you cancel only future charges associated with your subscription.