Bite-Sized Inductive Bible Studies

“I know I’m supposed to read the Bible but I don’t have the time!”


We get it.

You know you're supposed to read the Word, heck, you've even put it on your to-do list, but it just keeps getting pushed back.

Even when you do get time to actually read something, you either don't know where to start or nothing is really getting processed.

Been there. Done that.

Fear not, we are here to help.

With our Indwelt Bible Studies, you will dwell in the Truth in bite-sized chunks and get quality quiet time by observing, comprehending, and applying the biblical text to your current season of life… one verse at a time (#momlifeapproved).


Hold up a magnifying glass to the Scripture and see what the text says.


Process what the text means through guided questions, cross reference verses, cultural and historical backgrounds, other translations, and word studies.


Live out the Truth in your current season of life through life application prompts.

My time in the Word has felt more refreshing than it has in a long time. The reflection questions have really helped my heart connect with the word and I found myself coming back to the concepts again throughout my day/week.
— Lori, a young mom of 2

Who are the studies for?

The studies are good for…

  • New moms

  • Busy moms

  • New believers

  • Anyone in life transitions

  • Anyone who desires to grow in God’s Word but can’t find the time for Bible-reading

  • Anyone who desires to grow in God’s Word but don’t know where to start

I absolutely loved the Bite-Sized Study Guide. Sometimes daily devotionals can be so long that it becomes hard to really dive deep into the word, the bite-sized study guide gives you a few verses at a time so that you can really pray, think, reflect, and study the scripture!
— Dani, a mom of 3

Dwell in the Word today:

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