15 Fun Excuses to Have People Over and Grow Your Community

Holy moly, it's March already!! How is it possible?!
I had a lot of fun exploring all things pursuing our husbands last month, and this month I wanna talk about pursuing community.
A community of people who love you, pray for you and support you during the ups and downs in life.

Why Does Having a Community Matter?

Because Jesus didn't create us to be lone rangers.

God Himself is a community. The Trinity consists of God the Head, Jesus the Body and the Holy Spirit. They have been together since the beginning of time. 
If time is an indication of community intimacy, the Trinity is a reeeal tight community.

For just as the body is one and has many members, and all the members of the body, though many, are one body, so it is with Christ.
— 1 Corinthians 12:12

God created us in His image. Like God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, we are created to be ONE body of many members.
Each body part has its own function. They work beautifully together for a greater goal and they cannot be independent of each other.
As brothers and sisters in Christ, when we strive to give God the most glory, beautiful communities and friendships will be born. We will become strong as a community, our bond is not quickly broken (Ecclesiastes 4:12); and we will be iron that sharpens iron (Proverbs 27:17).

Some of you at this point might be reluctant in building friendships with others.
Perhaps you've been in a hostile relationship. Perhaps you've been hurt.
Yes, sometimes, relationships are messy and even hurtful. But the joy you find in God when you've overcome the hardships is worth it. 

What Are Some Ways to Seek Out Community?

Friendships don't just happen. Sometimes you have to create those opportunities to get to know people. Some of the quickest ways are by having people over. In addition to movie nights or grill-outs, here are 15 fun excuses you can use to invite people over and grow your community. Keep in mind things don't have to be fancy; they don't have to be Pinterest-worthy. It's about getting to know people better, not about getting on the cover of Better Homes and Garden.

Freezer Meal Batch-Making - Have a few ladies over and batch make some freezer meals together! You can talk while you prep the meals and everyone goes home with some freezer meals ready for their families! This is also a great idea to make freezer meals for someone about to welcome a baby in their family! Talk about the blessings of home-cooked freezer meals in the newborn sleep-deprived days!

Harvest + Canning - This is a great idea for people with a great harvest of veggies. One year we had a lot tomatoes so I made cans of pasta sauce with a dear friend. Good times.

Teach Someone a Skill - The friend I made pasta sauce with? She taught me how to sew a pillow. Do you know someone who's been dying to learn a new skill? Teach them if you know exactly what they want to learn!

Play Date - As simple as a play date can be a great way to get to know other moms in your community!

Cook a New Cuisine Together - Make sushi together or try out some Indian cuisine. The meals don't have to turn out perfect. Just enjoy your company.

Have a tea party - A few years ago, the ladies in my small group from church got together for a little tea party. We got dressed up a little, enjoyed some tea, chit-chatted and had a blast. Fancy British fascinators optional ;)

Endless Pies for Pie Day - Celebrate 3/14 with a pie potluck! Everyone bring their own pies and perhaps a board game or two can follow?

Jewelry Swap - We all have some jewelries or accessories lying around that we don't wear anymore, right?! Call up your friends and do a swap! Swapping books is a great idea, too! (Some people do clothing swap but a jewelry swap might be a better idea if your friends vary in sizes.)

In-Home Workout Videos - One time a couple girlfriends were over and the topic of fitness came up. We ended up doing a spontaneous workout session watching a YouTube video. It was so much fun. The one we watched is by Leslie Sansone. I recommend her videos cause they're great for people with various fitness level. Plus, they're easy to follow.

Simulcast a Conference - Several Christ-centered events have done simulcasts before: Hillsong Conference, Revive Our Hearts Conference, Biblical Counseling Conference. This is a great way to learn or worship together!

Plant a Garden Together - How about a community garden right in your backyard? How sweet would it be to share the fruits of your labor together! Some easy-to-plant veggies are potatoes, butternut squash, tomatoes and bell papers.

Try Out a New Kitchen Gadget - Some good friends of ours love to cook. They've invited us over to try out their smoking gun and donut maker. Fun times!

Wine and Cheese Blind Tasting - Have friends bring over some wine and cheese they've never had before. Together you'll get to blind taste a bunch of new cheese and wine!

TV Marathon - This doesn't have to do done in one day, especially if you have little ones! Pick a show to watch together once a week. This will give you an excuse to see each other and connect. Some of our recent favorites: Poldark, Sherlock, Victoria, Limitless.

Gather for a Cause - There are several charities that allow you to bless others with goodies, like Operation Christmas Child and Restore Innocence. Have your friends bring goodies over and together you can pack up a goodie box or two for people in need. 

What are your favorite ways to gather people together? What would you add to the list?