20 Ways to Involve Kids in Hospitality by Age

What do you teach your children about being hospitable?

What you really teach them has little to do with what you say,
it has a lot to do with where your heart is about hospitality.

A large part of how you view about hospitality is carefully observed by your little ones and how they treat their guests will be a reflection of how you view hospitality.

If you missed our post about the heart of hospitality, read it here.

Hospitality is a way of life. We should train our little ones at a young age what it looks like to welcome guests by having them take part in showing hospitality to friends and strangers alike.

Below are some ways they could do so, according to their age.

**Some of these may need minor assistance from the adults.

18 months to 3 years

Hold the door open for guests as they come in.
Sweep small areas with a little broom and dust pan. (We use something similar to this.)
Take guests' coats.
Ask guests' their choice of beverage.
Light dusting.
Lint roll the couch
Put away their toys.

4-5 years

Set silverware on table.
Clear dishes from the table.
Help load the dishwasher ie the silverware basket.
Vacuum small areas with a handheld vacuum cleaner. (We use this one by Shark)
Fluff the cushions.
Direct guests to the seating area.

6-7 years

Set the table.
Empty dishwasher.
Help with simple food preparation.
Check toilet paper supply.

8-9 years

Load the dishwasher.
Wipe counters.
Hand out cold beverages.

For you visual learners, or you with multiple little ones,
I have created a printable so you can print this off and explain to your little helpers how they can be a great help. To make it more fun, maybe you could even reward them with stickers for the ones they have completed.

What about your family? How do you involve your kids in welcoming guests?