52 Fun, Unique, Budget-Friendly Date Night Ideas

Last week we talked about prioritizing time with our husbands, we could do that through having weekly date nights.

Don't worry about coming up with date night ideas, we'll take care of that for you.
Here's 52 fun, unique and low budget ideas for you so you can enjoy time with your husband every week this year.

Disclosure: Some of the links may be affiliated which means I may earn a commission at no extra cost to you should you make a purchase via the link. All opinions are 100% my own.

1) Create your own family crest using a generator like this one.

2) Create your family monogram wax seal logo

3) Go on a prayer walk

4) Write letters for you children to open when they're 18

5) "Design" your dream home on Pinterest, Houzz or FloorPlans.com

6) Go to a restaurant and only order appetizers & desserts

7) Wine & cheese blind tasting
Each take $15 and purchase wine & cheese you've never had before. Come home and do some blind tasting.

8) Go geocaching

9) Play GeoGuessr - this is super fun. Grant and I would spend hours playing. It drops you at a random spot (could be anywhere in the world) and then you have to figure out where you're at based on StreetView images.

10) Create your own meme (you can use free photo editing sites like Canva or PicMonkey)

11) Give each other massages

12) Binge watch a show you both enjoy
A few of our recent favorites: Poldark, Victoria, Limitless, Sherlock, The Man in the High Castle, Newsroom. (Except for the explicit language in the Newsroom, these are all "clean" shows.)

13) Read a book together
We've enjoyed the Hunger Games series, the Divergent series.

14) Listen to a podcast together

15) Listen/watch a sermon together
I recommend sermons from Desiring GodVillage Church and our local church Grace Community Church.

16) Create a family photo book and gift it to grandparents
Services from Blurb or Chatbooks allow you to create easy photo books.

17) Go line dancing
There's this local bbq place where we live and they have free line dancing lessons every Thursday night - super fun!!

18) Create a bucket list on Pinterest (here's ours.)

19) Go rock climbing

20) Draw each other's portrait

21) Make a terrarium

22) Make rock candies

23) Do random acts of kindness around town

24) Visit a winery or a brewery
We have personally visited these: Cedar Ridge Winery, Fireside Winery (it's where we hosted our rehearsal dinner!), Tassel Ridge Winery (we celebrated our engagement here)

25) Write a book together

26) Ask him fun questions
We like Gary Chapman's 101 Conversation Starters for Couples.

27) Get to know his heart by asking him deep, meaningful questions with this free download.

28) Take the StrengthsFinder test

29) Learn a new language together
There are tons of apps on language learning. To name a few: Duolingo and Mango.

30) Try to break a Guinness World record

31) Put together a care package for military kids

32) Make your own beer or wine

33) Make sushi together

34) Put together a box for Operation Christmas Child

35) Watch a TED talk

36) Take a class on Skillshare

37) Put a puzzle together

38) Camp out in the backyard

39) Wrestle
Just make sure your man is gentle with you ;)

40) Learn Morse code and write each other a secret message

41) Learn basic survival skills
Not gonna lie - this was totally inspired by the Hunger Games. Partly because I think I'd be the first to die out in the woods.... haha

42) Learn sign language

43) Go paddle boarding

44) Play 20 questions... with a twist (saucy alert!)
Whoever loses will take a piece of clothing off. Play till someone is in their birthday suit.

45) Create your own themed playlists on Spotify

46) Read the "news" on Onion

47) Have a Nerf gun war

48) Play Scavenger Hunt in your house

49) Make homemade ice cream

50) Dream up your retirement

51) "Vacation" somewhere using Google Earth and Google Map street views

52) Take a biology class... on each other (wink wink)