#041: 6 Tips on How to Find Time to Read the Bible as a Mom

Ready for the truth bomb?

It's not about finding the time to read, it's about making the time.

I'll never find the time I need to sit down and read because my time is always in demand.

My youngest wants water.
My oldest wants justice because his brother is hitting him.
My husband wants to know where his phone is.
(and the list goes on...)

Even when I do get a moment to relax at the end of the day, I just want to escape on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest (pick your poison here). Reaching for my Bible is the last thing on my mind. #trueconfession

That is why you don't find the time for it, you make time for it.

My Top Tip for Making Time to Read the Bible

So how do you make time for the Bible?

Wake up 15 minutes before everyone else does.

Yes. I know. You like your warm comfy bed. (I do, too)

But here's the thing:

It does my heart SO MUCH good whenever I spend my first few minutes with Jesus before all the chaos begin.

Why? Because my cup has been filled with His Truth so I can pour out to my family with the fruits of the Spirit instead of the fruits of grumpiness, bitterness or anger.

So set your alarm 15 minutes early today and make time for Jesus tomorrow.

Other Ideas on Spending More Time with Jesus as a Busy Mom

1) Make it Easy - Create a setting that makes Bible reading easy and convenient for you. Set your Bible in your favorite reading spot where you also keep your journal and pens. Keep your Bible open on the kitchen table or on your nightstand. Program your coffeemaker the night before so when you get up, you're ready to go first thing in the morning. 

2) Take it Slow - don't rush. Savor the minutes you have with Jesus and dive deep into the Word. You want quality time with Jesus - not quantity. We make it easy for you to do that with our bite-sized Bible studies. We'll make it even easier to study on the go with our online Bible study community, Indwelt Women Academy. Learn more about it here:

3) Repeat It - For a busy mom like you and me, repetition wins the game. Write the verse on a card and tape it on your fridge right at your eye level. Every time you get something from the fridge, look at the verse, think + pray through the verse. Let it really penetrate your heart.

4) Make It a Family Affair - As moms, we have a missional motherhood. We are called to tell our kids all about Jesus - what better source do we have than the Word of God itself? Include them in as a part of your Bible reading. Young children are especially great for the taking-it-slow approach. For example, take one verse from the Psalms or the Proverbs, and unpack the verse by explaining to your children what it's saying, what it means, and how they can apply the verse to their lives.

Harvest House Publishers has great resources for teaching your children diligently: The Psalms of Praise is a board book that takes verses from the Psalms to show kids how their body parts can be used as everyday worship. For older kids, they have this beautifully illustrated book called An Extraordinary Teacher. It tells the story of Priscilla from the book of Act - she was a woman after God's heart, planting churches, discipling others, and traveling the world to share the Gospel.

5) Make It a Group Effort - You need to be held accountable for your Bible-reading time. You need someone in your life that will ask you regularly, "Hey, how are you doing? Have you been in the Word? What has God been teaching you? How can I be praying for you?" The best way to get that kind of accountability is within a community. Call up a friend and ask her to read the Bible with you and keep each other accountable. Join a small group within your church that meets outside of the regular Sunday service. If your church doesn't offer small groups, join our online Bible study community! I will keep you accountable as well as other women within the group.

Finding time to read the Bible is hard but it is essential to your roles as a wife and a mom.
Everything you dream of being - a wife and mom that blesses her family - that doesn't bear fruit unless you draw from the Word of God. 
It takes effort to make time for Jesus but let me encourage you that if you are intentional in making time for Him, He will draw near to you. 

Draw near to God, and he will draw near to you.
— James 4:8

Fight the good fight, friend. He is worthy.

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