A Life Ready for Good Works + Accepting Pre-Orders

What does a life of "good works" look like for a wife and/or a mom?
How does a wife pray for her husband?
What should a mom teach her children?
How can a wife and/or a mom live life in a way that makes the Gospel attractive to others?

These are some of the questions we'll explore as we unpack the book of Titus in our all-new Indwelt Bible Study Guide, Zealous: Ready for Good Works as a Wife + Mom, releasing on May 1st.

As I was preparing to write this Study Guide, it jumped out at me how powerful our roles as wives and moms can be. As wives, we can encourage our husbands to be the godly men they ought to be. As moms, we can lead our children and teach them the way they should go according to the Word. More importantly, the way we live our lives can make great testimonies about God to others who don't know Him yet. These are tremendous roles that will make huge impacts. I'm so excited for wives + moms to dive right into this book with me.

If this is your first time hearing about the Indwelt Bible Study Guide series. Here's a quick summary. It is a series of Bible Study Guides that are:
- in bite-sized, manageable and easy-to-digest chunks, making it great for busy moms who struggles with finding time to read the Word
- great for digging deep. Because you're only dwelling on one (or two) verse at a time, you're really dwelling on that verse. You're digging deep, discovering more about God, about yourself and how you can apply the verse into your life right now.
- not your typical Christian devotionals. With each verse, you will be prompted to ask the Holy Spirit "what is God trying to teach ME through this verse?"

I've received great testimonies about our first ever Study Guide that we released back in January. Whitney says, "The questions really help you dig deep even with a short amount of time. Iā€™m so thankful for this resource." Lori, a mom of 2 little ones, says, "My time in the Word has felt more refreshing than it has in a long time. The reflection questions have really helped my heart connect with the word and I found myself coming back to the concepts again throughout my day/week." I'm super excited to see how Zealous, our 2nd Study Guide, will impact wives + moms who long to connect with God.

Now Accepting Pre-Orders

Zealous: Ready for Good Works as a Wife + Mom will be released on May 1st.
But I'm happy to announce that we are now accepting pre-oders.
All pre-orders receive a personal signed copy.
Secure yours right now.