#047: A Simple Trick to Spending Intentional Time with Your Spouse After Kids

Spending quality time with your spouse after kids takes a whole lot of effort and intentions but not impossible. It is doable - it just looks different than before kids came into the picture.

Last week, Grant and I were dead tired at the end of the day but we didn't want to end the day without really talking with each other.

So we lounged in bed and spent 15-20 minutes just chatting.

We chatted about whatever that came to our minds, about our day, about what project we wanted done.

Nothing serious, super casual.

And it was great! It was so refreshing to just chat with him without getting interrupted.

That is why I wanted to encourage you that spending quality time with your spouse doesn't have to be complicated and elaborate. It can be as simple as chatting for 15 minutes before bed.

A friend of mine also does a 1-hour coffee chat after dinner every night - she has older kids, which helps - but it is never too early to ingrain that habit into your family life. 

It is never too early to teach your kids - "hey, mommy and daddy need to spend time with each other; they are each other's priorities; you need to learn to play by yourself for a little while."

So that's my simple trick to spending intentional time with your spouse even after you've had kids. Do YOU have any tricks and ideas you want to share? How do you keep your spouse as your #1 priority (after Jesus, of course)? Share in the comments below!

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