Bed Rest | Pride Rest

As I'm writing this, a good friend is in our kitchen making supper for us while I'm just sitting on the couch.

Tomorrow, another good friend from small group will watch Z for a couple hours.

The day after tomorrow, someone else will come over and keep Z busy for me.

Because baby #2 might be born prematurely, I have been advised to be on bed rest; and with that I am also putting my pride to rest.

As soon as the word got out that I'll need to be on bed rest, help flooded in.

A meal schedule is starting for our family. We have a schedule for when Z will be watched by whom so I could focus on resting.

I am very grateful for all the help we're getting from family and friends.

But Satan is also using this time to sneak in some lies.

"why did I get pregnant?"

"I'm such a burden to people now."

"I feel useless while people are loading and unloading my dishwasher for me."

Go away, Satan.

I know these are lies so I am going to lay my pride to rest while I replace those lies with God's Truth instead.

If you are also on bed rest and are struggling with pride, I pray that these words will change your heart and renew your mind.