Conversation Starters for Families or Small Group Gatherings

At the end of the day, you and your family has sat down for a meal.
You want to engage in a conversation more meaningful than "how was your day?",
but you feel like you've maxed out your brain capacity that you can't think of anything else to say.
Or, people are at your house for a small gathering but you're so tired you can't think of what to say to start a conversation... Does this sound familiar to you?
I've totally been there. 

When our desire to engage is there, but our brains just won't cooperate,
we could use a little outside help to get conversations going.
Here I've round up some conversation starters that I like,
and maybe you'll find them helpful, too!

The BUG - It stands for the good, the bad, and the unexpected. Asking "what was something good, bad, and unexpected that happened to you today?" is a great way to go beyond "how was your day". It will give you a more in-depth look into how the day really went.

Highlight vs Lowlight - "What was the highlight and lowlight of your week?". This is another way of pulling back the curtains and getting to the heart of the person you're talking to.

What has God been teaching you? - We're constantly in a "go, go, go" mentality that we don't always stop and think what God's been teaching us. So by asking this question, it helps the other person hit the pause button and ponder what God's been pressing on their hearts. It's a great way to point people back to God in a distracting world.

What have you been reading lately? - This question is not meant to shame anyone who hasn't been reading the Bible. We all go through times when it's hard for us to get into the Word (which, by the way, if this is what you're struggling with right now, you should totally get a copy of the Indwelt Bible Study Guide.) This question is meant to keep us accountable; it reminds us the importance of going back to the Word and drawing from the living water in order to do life well. If the person you're talking to hasn't been reading the Word much, perhaps you could encourage them or help them get back to reading. Remember: we are one body of Christ; we are here to uplift and help one another. 

In addition to the questions above, I have created for you some conversation starters great for small group settings. They are great ice breakers and keep things from getting awkward.

Some of the questions included are:

"What do you want to be known for in life?"
"What is the best gift you've ever received?"
"What qualities do you treasure most in a person?"

You can Download it for free now because I like you and I wanna give you free stuff ;)