Dream // Hello Again

How coincidental that it is Martin Luther King Day today!

It would only be appropriate to say hello to the blogging world again by dreaming big dreams.

This is a blog I'm writing in conjunction to running The Everleigh Company shoppe.

I had hoped to have the shoppe and the blog up and running late last fall,

but life happens.

Namely, we found out we were pregnant!


Which also means that morning sickness and fatigue soon followed.

In addition, I had (and still do) an active 1-year-old to chase after everyday so...

it wiped me out!

All my plans went out the window, but it's okay!

I'm flexible; I'll work with whatever comes my way ;)

As I dive my head back into the game,

I want to start right.

I want to take what I've learned from my previous blog and make this one better.

I also want to use my gifts and talents to grow the brand as much as possible.

So here are 5 things I intent to do with the brand (shoppe + blog):

1. Be True to Myself

I wanted to have a successful popular blog. Without realizing it, I tried to become someone I wasn't because I desired to be as successful as these other bloggers I follow. This blog of mine slowly became a wanna-be blog; it wasn't


blog anymore. SO, with this new one, I ought to stay true to myself. I will let go of pleasing people and let my true color shine. Get ready, blogosphere, here comes... the one and only ME!!!!

2. Allow Myself to Make Mistakes

I was so terrified of making mistakes. Even if I had lots of ideas, my fear of doing something wrong prevented me from actually doing


with my ideas. And so, my ideas stayed just like that... just ideas. Floating in my head.

I hated that. So I'm learning to take risks, to allow myself to make mistakes, to fail. Because when my hair turns grey, I'd rather be glad that I had given myself a chance, then to regret otherwise.

3. Refuse to Let Fear/Insecurities Rob My Dream From Me

Fear and insecurities... they've been awful to me. Just. Plain. Awful. They bring doubts and low confidence to me; they rob me from what could have been. And I've had


. I will now refuse to let those thoughts of fear or insecurities rob my dream from me. The end.

4. Refuse to Give Up

I refuse to let the bumpy road stop me. Ever.

I will not wave the white flag. It doesn't exist.

5. Spread & Share

I want the Everleigh Company brand to represent a community of people who invest in what truly matters. I want to spread love and encouragement. I want to share what I learn on this journey called life. And I invite you to join this community; together we will build up treasures that will impact forever. Are you with me? Let's do this! :)

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