Fear Not: A Bible Study on Anxiety for Moms

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If you've ever wanted some Bible verses on anxiety to calm your heart, you're at the right place!

Motherhood is not for the faint of heart. Not only is it mentally, physically and emotionally draining, it also kicks your anxiety into high gear.

But you don't have to be enslaved by your fears.

What kills your anxiety is the Word of God.

So pick up your full armor of God and make Satan go, "oh, crap!"


Fear Not is a FREE 7-day bite-sized Bible study on anxiety and worry for moms.

With this jam-packed free download, you will learn:

  • What lies at the heart of anxiety
  • What the Word of God says about anxiety
  • What the promises of God's are
  • How to respond to anxiety attacks

With Jesus in your heart + His Word on your mind (and maybe coffee in your hand, too. Wink.), you can + you will kick your anxiety to the curb like a champ.

Are you ready to kick it to the curb?

Download your Fear Not Bible Study now:

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