Give Thanks to the Lord: Recounting the Ordinary Tales of His Extraordinary Deeds [Day 02]

This week and next, I invite YOU to share your ordinary tales of His extraordinary deeds.

Let's be a body of Christ who come together and share all the great things He has done for us. 

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We Had a Need

When God prepares for you what you need BEFORE you even realize your need, you can only stand in awe and praise God for His Goodness.

Today, I'll be sharing how God provided us with a HOUSE shortly after we were married.

When Grant and I got married, we were living in a 2-bedroom apartment. All was well but it was time to think about other options, because my brother was gonna stay with us and go to the university in town. 

We either needed to get a 3-bedroom apartment or get a house.

A 3-bedroom apartment would've been really expensive for this overpriced college town. However, I did not want to get a mortgage when we were trying to pay off our student loans.

But God Knew What We Needed

One day we were visiting friends at the house that Grant used to live in when he was in college, and they told him he had some mail - one of which was from the retirement account Grant had when he was working for the university.

When he saw how much he had in the account, his jaw dropped and the wheels started turning:

The money in the retirement account could be used as a down payment because we were first time homeowners and - guess what - the amount is exactly the down payment we needed to afford a house!


Here's what was amazing about this whole thing:

1) If our friend had already moved out of the house, we wouldn't have been visiting them, which means that the mail would probably have been tossed away. Gone forever.

2) AND If God hadn't provided Grant with a job at the university to begin with, he wouldn't have had a retirement account.

3) God made Grant work at the university for just long enough and for the retirement money to compound just enough that it covered the down payment for a starter home!


Even though our house is a fixer upper, it is nothing like what you'd see on Pinterest, but how God provided this house for us is much more beautiful than anything that'll perish!

This is my recounting of the ordinary tales of His extraordinary deeds.

What will YOU recount today? Share with #HisWonderfullDeeds on social media today (and tag me @everleighcompany!)