Give Thanks to the Lord: Recounting the Ordinary Tales of His Extraordinary Deeds [Day 04]

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Last week, I talked about how God brought me and my brother closer to Him. Today, I wanna tell you my parents' story.

Purposeful Suffering

My dad was a Buddhist and my mom became one under my dad's influence. They were not super religious but, still, they practiced some aspect of Buddhism. Once a year, we'd go to the New Year gathering, "praying" for the year to come. In our living room, we had a little cupboard with Buddhism scripts written in it and it would just sit there.

Fast forward to when I came home from college for summer, my parents seemed to be a little more religious in their Buddhism practice. They now would "pray" to that cupboard before they left the house and after they came home; they wanted to be thankful they had been kept safe. (To this day, I'm still not quite sure what led to this practice...)

Less than a year later, I became a Christian and I remembered their Buddhism practice. I began praying for their salvation.

Fast forward to November 2014, my parents traveled all the way to Iowa to welcome the arrival of their first grandson. They stayed with us during their 3-month stay and Grant and I did what we could to be a testimony to them.

This was also the time when I noticed a decline in health for my father. He had lost a lot of weight and he was constantly using the bathroom. Something wasn't right.

Even though my mom had prompted him to go see the doctor for his health, he declined. He didn't want to know if something was wrong and he didn't want a hospital bill. But his body couldn't take it.

He was admitted to the hospital in June 2015 because he was in so much pain. Upon a physical examination, the doctor delivered the bad news: my dad had colon cancer.

He refused to undertake any treatment for it; he didn't want to go through the grueling treatment of chemo and radiation. I don't blame him but we couldn't just watch him die and do nothing.

He was laying on his hospital bed one day when we video-chatted. Desperate for him to agree to being treated, tears were running down my face.

God made you a warrior. Don't give up quite yet. Jesus will give you the strength to endure this. I remember saying.

At the end of our conversation, he agreed to go through the treatment.

Since then, my brother and I were encouraging him and pointing him to Jesus when he got scared. I had friends at my church praying for my dad - both for his health and his salvation.

God Answered

I don't remember exactly how long after he agreed to go through treatment when my mom told me the great news: my dad had decided to give his life to Jesus!

I. Was. Overjoyed.

But that wasn't it!

My mom had also decided to give her life to Jesus!

What a double blessing!!

While I'm sad to tell you that my dad had passed away in March 2016 shortly after he stopped responding to the treatment, I rejoice in the fact that I know where he's at right now.

He is in HEAVEN with Jesus!!

He is in the best place ever and he will be there forever WITH JESUS!

Even though the last few months of his life was hard, I am encouraged and comforted because:

1) God welcomed him into His Kingdom before he died.

2) God made BEAUTY from this ugly ashes of cancer. Yes, it saddened me that my dad suffered from cancer, but his suffering was not for nothing. His suffering had a purpose and that is to bring him to the Lord. That, is PRICELESS. 

3) When God planned for years to save me, He didn't stop there. He saved my brother just 4 years later. And then He saved my parents just 2 years after that. He saved my whole family! I am so very thankful for His amazing wondrous works that saved my whole family.

If you have a family member that doesn't know the Lord yet, I hope this story of God's amazing redemption encourages you. Don't stop praying for your family. Seek to be the light in their lives and keep praying for them! I pray that God will open the eyes of your family members and that they will surrender their lives to Jesus!

This is my recounting of my parents' ordinary tale of His extraordinary deeds.
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