Give Thanks to the Lord: Recounting the Ordinary Tales of His Extraordinary Deeds [Day 03]

This week and next, I invite YOU to share your ordinary tales of His extraordinary deeds.

Let's be a body of Christ who come together and share all the great things He has done for us. 

Share your story today with #HisWonderfulDeeds (and be sure to tag me @everleighcompany); let's FLOOD social media with His great deeds so that the body of Christ can marvel at His greatness together and that nonbelievers can see that He is GOOD.

What will YOU share today?


Remember how God provided us a house in my post two days ago? Well, His Good Work didn't stop there.

God Uses His People

When my brother came to live with us, he was not a believer. And so prior to his arrival, Grant and I were praying for his salvation and for opportunities for us to share the Gospel with him.

From time to time we would get opportunities to have spiritual conversations with him. Sometimes, we even got to talk about Jesus. But mostly, we just tried our best to live out the Gospel and tried to handle any conflicts as best as we can according to the Bible.

At first, he didn't seem to care. But when the second semester rolled around, he began to ask more questions. We even got to study the Bible together!

In April 2014, we left for vacation for two weeks. But I noticed some change in my brother when we came home.

He had ordered a brand new Bible and he was listening to a Christian radio station allll the time.


At this point, I wasn't sure if he had given his life to Jesus or not. But I was hopeful.

He traveled home soon after our vacation ended. I was concerned that the summer would be a stumble block in drawing him closer to God so I connected him with my dear friend, Stephanie, from home.

And one day, I got the best news.

God's Saving Grace

Turns out: Stephanie took my brother to church and they had a conversation where Stephanie found out that my brother had accepted Christ back in April, when Grant and I were on vacation! And he didn't even bother to mention it to us! #whodoesthat?!

I was in awe that God had used our little house and our relationship with my brother to bring him into His Kingdom!

This is my recounting of His wonderful deed! My brother's story of salvation wasn't "dramatic" but it was still a beautiful story of God's grace and redemption. I am honored to be a part of that!

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