Give Thanks to the Lord: Recounting the Ordinary Tales of His Extraordinary Deeds [Day 5]

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If I had to use one word to describe the coming of our youngest son, Levi, it'd be protected. I might not have understood it at the time, but now I see God's protection over Levi and I.

Rocky Road

The pregnancy started off nice and smooth.
I had some morning sickness but not as bad as when I had Z. I had some pregnancy aches and pains but nothing intolerable.

Time seemed to pass so quickly with this pregnancy, probably because my then-young toddler kept me busy.

When I was about 28 weeks pregnant, however, I learned that my father had passed away thousands of miles from me (you can read that story here). We had originally planned to visit my parents who lived in Hong Kong at the time later that year. But this radically changed our plans.

We changed our plane tickets and we were ready to head to Hong Kong. But one visit to my OBGYN changed everything.

I told my doctor about my plan to fly and she thought she'd check my dilation just to make sure everything would be okay.


"You're 1 cm dilated," my doctor said.

She advised that while it'd been a healthy pregnancy and I did dilate early with Azariah at about 36 weeks, there was still a risk to consider: should I go into labor on the long flight (16 hours to be exact), that could potentially harm my baby and I.

I remember driving home from the doctor's office and crying.

For the good of the baby and myself, it was better to stay in the country. But it also meant that I would miss my father's funeral.

It was an easy decision but at the same time it was not.

God's Protection

We were so blessed with families and friends who loved us.

About 2 weeks later at 30 weeks pregnant, I showed more signs of preterm labor. I was advised to be on bed rest to keep the baby from being born prematurely.

Immediately, people at church started praying for us and the baby. Friends and family put together a meal schedule and a schedule to help watch our then-17-month-old boy.

We were well protected and provided for in this season. Every week we celebrated being one more week pregnant until we hit the safety zone at 36 weeks.

Levi, our youngest, was born safe and sound at 39 weeks.

Praise. God.

Looking Back

When I was on bed rest, I wondered: would the baby have been okay if we had gone to Hong Kong? Maybe I should have gone anyway.

But looking back now, I know it was all God's plan and a part of His protection.

If I had gone back, all the walking and hustling and running errands would probably put me in labor at 29 or 30 weeks pregnant. Hong Kong is a big city where public transportation is the way to go. We would've been walking a lot to get from point A to point B, which is not good for a pregnant lady already showing signs for preterm labor.

For about 2 weeks, Grant's cousin got to watch Azariah for me because she was in transition between graduation and the start of her career. The timing couldn't have been more perfect. Her help was significant in giving me the freedom to just rest.

I'm so thankful that our Levi entered this world safe and sound. God is indeed our protector.

This is my recounting of my parents' ordinary tale of His extraordinary deeds.
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