#022: How to Be Jesus' Hands + Feet This Christmas: Ideas to Bless Others and Be Christ's Ambassadors

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Christmas is one of my favorite seasons of the year.

But if I'm being honest, it's so easy to completely miss the point. 
In the midst of all the pies, presents and endless hours of Christmas movies, where is Jesus in our celebration?!

Jesus is the reason for the season; He is the reason we get to celebrate the gift of eternal life.

So how about we do something different this year?!
How about we commit to not pushing Jesus to the back burner this Christmas?
How about we shine a spotlight on Him and spread His hope, 
love, and joy to all those around us?!

This podcast episode is sponsored by Craft A Community.

A few ideas on becoming His Hands + Feet this Christmas:


Don't hide behind closed doors. Open your home and invite people in! Your home doesn't have to be perfect to invite people in. In fact, it will only make people uncomfortable if it's "perfect" because they're too busy thinking they'll ruin something in your home! Christ-centered hospitality is all about opening your heart to others. It's about accepting one another just as you are.

So, be visible and open your home:

  • Invite the kids on your block over to make Christmas cookies together! I'm sure their parents would love to give their children something to do because... winter = cabin fever.
  • Invite people over to assemble Operation Christmas Child boxes together! Fill shoe boxes full of toys and they will be sent to over 100 countries around the world. These boxes will bless many children and are used as a tool to share the Gospel. Find out more about Operation Christmas Child here.
  • Invite people over for a Christmas-related craft project! My friend Kate over at Craft A Community wants to help you build real + authentic community in your own town. Get a few ladies over, make some crafts together and start building life-giving friendships! If you're not crafty, no worries, Kate takes care of all the prep work for you! She gives you the supplies list and step-by-step tutorials for simple but fantastic craft projects. You just have to gather the ladies! That's it! It's a wonderful way to finally get to know the neighbors you always see but have yet to start a real conversation with.
  • Make a meal for the Ronald McDonald House in your area. A few years ago, my community group did it together as a service project and it was wonderful! What a blessing it was to be able to provide the families with a hot and hearty soup for the winter!
  • Serve at Your Local Shelter. Keep in mind it's more than just about giving them socks or warm coats. It's about spending time with the people who are at the shelter because a lot of times they are looked down upon, they feel disrespected. What a blessing it would be to just spend time with them, even just playing a board game. What a great way for them to feel loved and acknowledged!
  • Host a Christmas movie marathon. Invite families over for a Christmas movie or two. The kids can watch movies with popcorn while the adults chat! It's a great way to connect with each other or maybe even meet new people!
  • Invite others into your home for the Christmas meal. What a blessing it will be to invite widows over or people who don't have families around for the Christmas meal. You'll probably have leftovers anyway, right? ;)


Honestly, we can do all the things in the name of Jesus, but if our hearts, souls, and minds are not transformed by the Word first, all that we do will end up feeling empty.

Start by getting in the Word one verse at a time. You don't have to have an hour to read in order to have a meaningful quiet time. It can be as little as 10 minutes. As you read, ask yourself these questions to help you dig deep:

  • What is this text really trying to say?
  • What does this teach me about God?
  • What does this teach me about Jesus?
  • What does this teach me about myself?
  • How does this relate to the Gospel?
  • How can I live out the truth today in light of what I've read?

When you slow down and read one verse at a time, it really allows you to dwell in the verse.
That's what Indwelt Women is all about - we wanna help you dwell in the Word and be transformed in every area of your life!

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I'm praying that all of us Indwelt Women will become Jesus' hands + feet this Christmas and will touch many hearts, especially those who don't know the Lord.

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