How to Be Loving & Understanding to New Moms

Maybe someone you know have just entered into a new season of life - motherhood.

And maybe it's a season you're not yet in, so you're at a lost on how you could love on your friend as she transitions into new challenges.

Please allow me to share how some dear friends have loved on me as a new mom that I appreciated much:

1) Be Gracious

I am a pretty punctual person; I was raised to appear for appointments 10 minutes early.

But when a baby is added to the mix, I can no longer control what my time of arrival is.

Yes, there are things I can do to prepare beforehand; but it is out of my hands if my baby decides to have a blow-out 10 minutes before getting into the car seat.

This could mean I'd be late after all the cleaning up and changing clothes - and this is where I was extended grace that I couldn't appreciate more. Instead of getting impatient or annoyed, my friends gave me grace and understanding. I could not be more grateful for them.

By being gracious to new moms, you have just made her day a little bit easier.

2) Be Flexible with Your Time

In addition to unexpected blow-outs, other circumstances could also totally change your game plans. IE sickness. If it so happens that you need to reschedule your meet-up, a new mom would definitely appreciate your flexibility.

3) Ask if She Has Taken a Shower Today

Not in a way to make her feel bad or self-conscious, but new moms (like, me) don't get to take showers very often, or even if they do, their baby is probably somewhere close by, crying.

That could make a pretty stressful shower, I've been there. It is truly a luxury taking a hot shower in peace and quiet, you guys.

So if you happen to have a little bit of a free time, why not offer to watch her kiddo for her so she could get a much-needed shower? She will thank you, forever. (I know I will :P)

**Some moms might prefer to take a nap instead of a shower if you do offer to watch their littles, well, let them!

So these are my tidbits on giving new moms some love. What else would you add to the list?

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