How to Build Intentional Friendships as Sisters in Christ

Do you have sisters in Christ in your life that ask you the hard questions? That go beyond the small talk level to see how you're REALLY doing?!

I'm so blessed to have a few women in my life that do that for me. Over the years, we have grown deeper friendships because we aren't afraid to ask each other the hard questions, we aren't afraid to be vulnerable with each other.

I wanna encourage you today to seek out those women in your life that you wanna have deeper friendships with. Initiate the friendship, be intentional and ask the meaningful questions. I pray that as time passes, you'll also have such a bond that is strong because of the Lord.

The Hard Questions

Intentionally seek to really know your sisters in Christ through these questions:

1) What has God been teaching you lately? - We don't always take the time to reflect, we just go go go. But taking a moment and putting our focus back on God, it helps us take a step back and look at the big picture - look at what God is doing in our lives. It changes our perspectives from self-focused to God-focused.

2) How are you and (their spouse's name) doing? - Marriage is the most important earthly relationship. But we don't always keep our friends accountable in this area, perhaps we just assume things are going fine or we don't wanna appear 'nosy'. But here's the thing: if marriage is so important but so hard at the same time, why are we not making sure our friends' marriages are on the right track? By taking an honest look into each other's marriages, we can pray for each other, we can speak the truth to each other. Think about how powerful and helpful that can be for marriages!

3) How are you doing as a mom? - Same concept with the last question. This simple question could invite our mama friends to open up how the hardships of being a mom, especially if you're a new mom. Ask in a genuine caring way and I'm sure she will open up :)

4) Is there anything you've been struggling with lately? - Sometimes I might be struggling with something but I don't even know where to begin to vocalize it. So if someone asks me this question, I feel like I can just go right into the issue. It'll help me open up.

5) How can I be praying for you? This is another good way to see what's going on in your friend's heart. It'll also give you a chance to speak truth to her life if that's what she needs.

Do you have strong friendships with other women? How did you get there? I'd love to hear your stories!