How to Pursue Your Husband When He's Away A Lot

Pursuing your husband is not easy,
it's even harder when he's away a lot.
If this is your season right now, I'm right there with you.
My husband works a lot of hours each week,
making family time few and precious.
But be assured that pursuing him is totally doable!!

Before I get to the practical stuff, I want to encourage you that:

For everything, there is a season.
This is probably just one of the seasons you're in.
Remember life is made up of many different seasons. 
It may be hard now but God is faithful; when it's the right time, He will bring you out.
While you're in this season, figure out how to use this time fully.
Ask God what He wants to teach you and how He wants to use you.
Perhaps now would be a good time to invest in friendships with other wives in the same season as you. 
Or perhaps now would be a good time to disciple a younger woman of faith.
Ask God how you could use your time well when your husband is away.

Make a mental note of what God's been teaching you.
Not only is He sanctifying you in this process, He can also use you to encourage other wives who are going through the same thing.
Write it down in your journal if it will help you remember better. 
I know for me I've been blessed by other women who have gone through what I'm going through (regardless of what it is), I know He can use YOU to bless others as well.

Don't take your frustrations out on your husband.
I know It's hard when he's not home.
I know you feel like a single parent when you have little kids to take care of and train up.
But if it's hard for you, it's probably hard for him too.
Don't get lost in your frustrations and forget that you're a team.
Lay down your pointing finger and figure out how to BE one.

Practical Ways to Pursue Your Husband When He's Away A Lot

Study him.
Pursuing your husband starts with knowing him. Keep a journal and write down everything you've learned about him. Observe him and ask him questions. Don't stop just because you feel like you know everything about him after 10 years of marriage. People change - you might be surprised to learn a new thing or two about him. To help you study your husband, I have 50+ questions typed up for you that cover a variety of topics. Download it for free here.

Text him something fun, encouraging and affirming.
We have this awesome freebie for you that gives you 30 gorgeous picture-text to send to your husband. They are fun and encouraging texts that affirm him in what he does, shower him with love and are... saucy (wink wink). These fun texts will help you pursue him even if he's hundreds of miles away. Get the picture-texts for free here.

Take advantage of technology
Technology brings people closer, it can certainly bring you and your husband closer!

  • There are multiple apps that allow you to make audio and/or video calls for free (even if you're in different countries). IE What'sApp, Skype, Line, FaceTime.
  • Use stickers or GIFs when you text. I love how they show your personality and it is just so much fun when you use them.
  • Play a game together. There are games that you can both participate in even if you're not online at the same time. Back when I was in college, I'd play Draw Something and Words with Friends with Grant (remember these apps that took over the internet for a while?!?!) Go to your app store, search "multiplayer games" and you might find something you both enjoy :)
  • Send pictures of what you're up to! Connecting can be as simple as that :) Sometimes I send Grant photos of the kids if we're out and about or if the kids are doing something cute.

Start a convo journal
I've heard of couples who do this: because the husband packs his own lunch to work, the wife sticks a little journal in there. The journal is for little conversations they have and the husband can write in it during his lunch break. How cute is that?! 

What about you? How do you pursue your husband when he's away a lot?