How to Be Spiritually Fit for 2017

Blog Post: How to Be Spiritually Fit for 2017 by Everleigh Company #Christian #Faith #Jesus #Advice #Tips #NewYearResolution

With every new year, there's always talks about eating healthy and exercising regularly.
While there's absolutely nothing wrong with these resolutions,
I want to challenge you to become spiritually fit as well.

What do I mean by being spiritually fit?

It means taking in the Word of God regularly,
cutting the crap aka the lies that bog us down,
consistently taking in Christ-centered teachings,
and surrounding yourself in Gospel community.

Does that sound good to you?
Great. Now, where do we begin?!

I have a few ideas for you:

Taking in the Word of God Regularly

Schedule quiet time into your day.
If you don't schedule it, it probably won't happen.

Partner up with your spouse.
If your schedule allows, try talking to your spouse about a designated reading time for you.
Your husband will take care of the kids so you can focus on reading the Bible without distractions.
John Piper once talked about how to do that on a Q&A session here.

Read the Bible in Manageable Chunks
I get you, mamas. It is not easy to read when you have little ones running around.
But it IS doable - one way is to switch up how you read the Bible by taking the bite-sized approach.
Our upcoming Indwelt Bible Study Guide does just that.
It breaks the paragraphs apart so you can slow down and read just a couple verses at a time.
It is a great way of reading the Bible in the midst of crazy busy #momlife.
Learn more about the Study Guide here.

**Last week I wrote about 6 tips for spending more time with Jesus, check it out for more ideas

Cutting the Crap

Those stinkin' good ol' lies. Sneaky and so toxic.
Do you have any lies you're believing in?
One way of discerning is to ask God to search your heart and perform a heart check,
especially when you're not displaying the fruits of the Spirit.
If you struggle with anxiety, I encourage you to try this method out,
I'll call it the Mind Map Method.
(My husband tried this once and it was both revealing and freeing.)
Using Post-It notes, write down everything on your mind that's troubling you.
Put them on a wall and categorize them into different areas of your life.
When you're done, take a step back and review your notes.
What's the common theme in your notes?
Do you notice any patterns?
The thing that keeps repeating could very well reveal the lies you're believing in.

Another great resource is Nancy Leigh DeMoss's book Lies Women Believe: And the Truth That Sets Them Free.
The book covers a wide spectrum of lies,
you might find some lies that you're subconsciously believing in!

Consistently Taking in Christ-Centered Teachings

Reading books is a great way to get Christ-centered teachings.
I have a list of books that I've found helpful.
You may check it out here.
**Side note: One of my 2017 goals is to read more books. I've joined GoodReads' reading challenge, if you also wanna read more books and wanna have an accountability buddy, let me know! We'll talk :)

Another way to get solid teachings is through listening to radio programs, podcasts or sermons.
Here are the ones I like and listen to:
Revive Our Hearts
Modern Homemakers
Desiring God
Village Church

Surrounding Yourself in Gospel Community

Gospel community is one that lives life according to the Gospel. It is one that people love one another. It finds its grace and hope in Christ. It speaks truth with grace and uplifts one another in prayers.

Are you in a Gospel community?

I encourage you to seek your Gospel community. You will learn from each other like iron sharpens iron, you will keep each other accountable and gently correct one another if one goes off track, you will encourage each other because following Jesus is not always the easiest. Being in such a community will be good for you spiritually.

I understand that not everyone is in a Gospel community. Perhaps you've been seeking one but is having a hard time finding one. Don't give up, friends! Persevere and keep praying about it. God will bring you to the right people at the right time.

By the way, should you find an online Gospel community helpful to you, don't hesitate joining our private FB group Indwelt Women. It is a community of Jesus-loving women from all seasons of life who will pray for you and encourage you. Request to join here:

What about you, friend?! What would you add to the list?
How would YOU become spiritually fit this year??

Blog Post: How to Be Spiritually Fit for 2017 by Everleigh Company #Christian #Faith #Jesus #Advice #Tips #NewYearResolution