If I See My Husband Through God's Eyes

Photo credit: Alabaster Jar Photography
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If I were to adopt an eternal perspective, how differently would I see my husband?

If I see my husband through God's eyes, I would see...

... a child of God greatly loved by the Father.

... a child the Father so loved that He was willing to die for.

... a child of God whose sins have been washed clean.

... a man that God has great purposes for.

... a man that is never out of God's reach for grace.

... a man that is never out of God's reach for forgiveness.

... a man that is made like Jesus.

... a man whose greatest delight is in God.

... a man who has no reason to worry about anything in life.

... a man that God will be faithful to all the days of his life.

... a man that has been blessed with spiritual gifts.

... a man that God will carry through the desert.

How differently would you see your husband if you were to see him through God's eyes?