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Introducing the Indwelt Women Academy, an online Bible study community created with your busy momlife in mind. Unpack and dive deep into the Scripture in bite-sized chunks (10-15 minutes a day) and get accountability from other women like you. Study the Word of God anytime anywhere and make Bible reading a daily habit.

What is inside the Indwelt Women Academy? This video gives you an inside look at the online Bible study community created with your busy #momlife in mind. Sign up today here.

"I know I'm supposed to read the Bible but I don't have time!" I get it - you are always busy doing something and the house is rarely quiet, where in the world are you supposed to get some quiet time in the Word?

If you've ever been overwhelmed with HOW to read the Bible or WHERE to begin, this is the video for you!
I'm sharing my favorite way of studying the Bible - the Inductive Bible Study Method - with you.
With this simple 3-step method, you will read the Bible for all its worth even in your busy season.


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In your crazy busy mom life, you may be tempted to push "Bible reading" off of your to-do list. But your motherhood comes with a great God-given purpose and mission, making it precisely why this is THE season to read the Bible.