4 Ways to Intentional Hospitality

A lot of times, guests walk through our doors for a simple time spent together.

Have you thought about when guests walk through your doors in need of something?

Perhaps it's food, shelter, or, just a friend?

In addition to inviting people over just to enjoy their company, there are people who have needs we can meet if we open our doors for them.

Have you thought about hosting international students, missionaries, or becoming a safe family/foster family?

I was once a foreigner to this country, lonely and desperate for someone to connect with.

But when people welcomed me into their homes with their open arms, I was no longer a lonesome soul wandering in a foreign country, instead I was shown the love and hospitality of God.

That, as a matter of fact, was what changed my heart about God.

God used His people to show me how much I was loved and valued.

Will you be one of His people He uses to love on people? to show kindness? 

For International Students

A few ways you could welcome international students into your homes:

1) Contact the colleges/universities close by - they probably have some international students that are eager to get plugged in and get to know Americans like you!

2) Bridges International is a non-profit Christian organization that serves the international student population in the US and abroad. Connect with them today to see how you could get involved in your own community!

A little free resource for you if you are welcoming someone from a foreign culture. It is always a good idea to talk some things through in the beginning to avoid miscommunication or unmet expectations. 

To help you facilitate the conversation, I have created a list of questions you could go through with your guests.

Psssst - it's a printable so you could download it and get it printed off! :)

For Missionaries

Besides international students, there may be some missionaries traveling back home and could use a place to stay before they head back into the mission field. Contact your church today and see if you could serve them by giving them a roof over their heads.

Becoming a Safe Family or Foster Family

Safe Families is a movement that gives hope and support to families in distress. They are motivated to keep children safe and out of foster care. Becoming a safe family means that you host vulnerable children for a short period of time when their families are experiencing crisis. Click here to find out more about extending help to these children.

You can also love on and care for children through foster parenting. There are different types of foster parenting - from providing urgent, short-term care to fostering with the intention to adopt, you will be given the opportunities to show these children what God's love looks like. Click here to find out more about foster care.

What other ways have you met a guest's needs? Share your story below!


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