It flames up in lightning speed.

It keeps you from sound thinking.

It puts your emotions first.

I have reasons to be irritated right now.

My 17-month-old has been disobeying a lot.

I can't put him on time out like I used to because I'm on bed rest.

I feel helpless as he rebels before my eyes and I can't seem to make him stop.

Speaking of bed rest, I've been on bed rest for 3 weeks now.

I am stir crazy and bored; and pride still tries to sneak up on me from time to time as I sit on the couch while others sweep my floor/do my laundry/pick up after Z for me.


I need to make a choice.

Do I choose the irritation path which leads to no fruit, just more irritation and bitterness, which will very likely lead to sin not just in my heart but with my lips?

Or do I choose to surrender my emotions to God and ask Him to intervene?

I think the latter choice will lead to more fruits, don't ya think? ;)

If you are also irritated, for whatever reason, let me pray for our hearts:

"Lord, I lift up our hearts to You. You know what's on our hearts and You know it will not bear fruits. So I ask that You will filter our hearts and help us choose YOU. Fill our hearts with the fruits of the Spirit instead, Lord. Amen."