What My Newborn Son Taught Me About Humility

I didn't understand the humility of Christ coming as an infant, until I had my first baby.

The newborn days were... a labor of love.
Feeding the baby around the clock,
changing his diaper in the wee hours,
all because this precious little human now relied on me for his survival and well-being.

And then it hit me that Christ, who was with God before the creation of the world,
whom everything was created for,

was once as vulnerable and dependent as my baby here.

As an infant, Jesus was entirely dependent upon Mary and Joseph.
He had to start from zero.
He learned to form sounds and string words together even though he spoke the world into existence.
He wobbled and stumbled and took his first steps even though he was the one who created the ground.
It takes humility to start from zero, to learn and to accept help.
Jesus, the God of the universe, modeled humility by entering this world as an infant.

The first sin ever took place was driven by pride,
and the first fruit of the spirit Jesus displayed was humility.

And now the question is:
How does Christ's humility affect our daily lives?
How should it transform our thoughts and behavior?

As a mother who tends to rely on herself to accomplish things,
I need to lay down my pride.
My desire is to be like the Proverbs 31 lady,
but I cannot do that with pride in my heart.
I need God's strength to fulfill my roles as a wife,
a mother and a homemaker because some days I just don't wanna get out of bed.
I need God's wisdom to steward what we've been given and to instruct my children.
I need God's grace for when I blow up at my children.
All this dependence upon God cannot take place unless I lay my pride down.
In addition, as much as I'd like to think I can do this alone, I can't.
It takes a village to grow as a follower of Christ, as a wife and as a mother.
I need humility in order to share with others my struggles and to accept help from others.
That is how the humility of Christ changes me.

What about you? How will His humility alter your thoughts and behavior?

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