Resources // Prayer

This month's theme is Prayer.

Since our core value at Everleigh Company is to build each other up, I want to share with you the resources that have helped me in my prayer life. I hope they will be helpful to you, too :)

Just to be upfront with you, some of these links are affiliated.
Please know that I would 110% recommend these resources even if I weren't commissioned :)

What is better than God's own word to guide our prayers?
This is the Bible I've been using the last 6 years.
I love the margins on the sides for light note-taking.
It's small enough to carry in my purse.
AND, it's a hardcover, which means durability. #win

The Hour That Changes The World
If you must read ONE book about prayer, this is it.
I devoured this book in a couple days.
It taught me new ways to pray and I prayed for an hour non-stop.
It was GREAT!
I also wrote about this book here.

The Power of a Praying Wife
I was gifted with a copy before my wedding.
It affirmed me in the importance of always lifting my husband up in prayers.
I believe this is one of the must reads for anyone married or about to be married.

Praying God's Word
This book helped me pray for different circumstances using God's own word.
It has helped me in my earlier walk with the Lord, teaching me how crucial it is to pray with the Truth.
This book would make a great guideline for new believers learning how to pray.

What about you? What would you add to the list?