Sorry, Mama, Mother's Day is Not All About You

Happy Mother's Day, mama friends! It is absolutely beautiful in Iowa today. We will for sure spend a good amount of time outside enjoying the weather. Before I do that, I wanna encourage you to look at this day with a God-focused lens instead of 'me me me'. Because, quite frankly, Mother's Day is not all about you... Before you lift up your pitchfork and yell 'ATTACK!', please hear me out. 

if you make this day alllll about you, you will end up frustrated, angry and disappointed.

Yes, Mother's Day celebrates you - your wonderful sacrificial love you have for your children. It's a day that reminds our family how you've served them selflessly. However, we need to do a heart check because if you make this day alllll about you, you will end up frustrated, angry and disappointed. Here's why: if your heart is not at the right place, the good intention of honoring your role as a mother can quickly put you on the throne instead of keeping God on the throne where He belongs. 

I am not preaching at you. I am speaking from past experience and I'm reminding myself to keep my eyes on God as I'm writing this. When I was self-focused on Mother's Day in the past, I want to be served. I wanted things done my way. It did NOT end well - I was grumpy and angry and thought, "oh great! This is how my Mother's Day is gonna end." 

So before Mother's Day approaches, why don't we turn our focus to God - the One who made you a mother? When we see that mothering is a gift from God, we will approach Mother's Day with a grateful heart. We will not expect our husbands and/or our children to serve us, but we will look upon God who has given you amazing children, who have made your life so much fuller, who have grown you in ways that wouldn't have been possible if you weren't made a mother. When we acknowledge where our gift of mothering comes from, we will be able to truly enjoy this gift.

Do not hear me say that you can't enjoy flowers brought to you by your family or a nice breakfast in bed made by your littles. I'm saying that when you delight in God first this Mother's Day, when God is on the throne instead of you, you will more likely have a great Mother's Day celebrating your motherhood.

So, mama friends, I pray that you'll have a great Mother's Day with your hearts so full of joy and gratitude. This gift of mothering is worth celebrating.