Speak Life Challenge // Day 2

Destruction Prevention

Everleigh Company Speak Life Challenge Day 2 Verse
Everleigh Company Speak Life Challenge Day 2 verse proverbs

Plainly stated in the first verse, what we speak can either bring life or kill it.
But if we guard our mouths, we will keep ourselves out of trouble, as written in the second verse.

So how do we practically control our tongue?
Here are a few things I've found useful:

Start the day with a prayer for the Holy Spirit's aid to tame our tongue and to reveal our hearts.

Confess our sins that our hearts may start fresh and not feed into sinful words.

Let our minds be renewed by His words - when we are fixated on God's truth, our speech will also reflect God's truth.

When emotions run high, step away from the situation. Examine what emotions you're feeling through prayers. Surrender your emotions to the Lord and ask Him what leads to such emotions. Confess and repent if there is sin on your part and ask God to change you.

We always see the log in other's eyes first. It is common to feel 'injustice' when we think the person that needs changed is not ourselves. But as we examine our hearts and control our tongue, we will quickly see that we also need a change in character. I pray that we may be humble in our hearts to acknowledge our sins to God and ask for His help to turn from them.

That's all for today. Come back tomorrow for practical tips on speaking love and encouragement to our husbands.