Speak Life Challenge // Day 3

The Powerful Wife

Everleigh Company Speak Life Challenge Day 3 verse

These verses paint a very clear picture of what it's like to have a quarrelsome wife.
I am sure you want to steer clear from being one. Here are some things we can do practically to speak love, encouragement and respect to our husbands:

Ask God to search your heart for any bitterness, any unloving and disrespectful thoughts towards your husband. Confess your sins as they are revealed to you.

Ask for God's eyes to see your husband. When we see our husbands with eyes as pure as God's, we will start to think AND speak good things about them.

Pray Philippians 4:8 over yourself and keep a journal where you can record all things you see in your husband according to the verse.

Tell your husband about what you have recorded.

Ladies, the power possessed in our lips as wives cannot be overlooked. There are plenty of warnings in Scripture about that. Let us pray that we may heed the advice and let God transform the words we speak. Let them be words that build up our husbands in a world that try to bring them down. Let us show our husbands through our words that we are their faithful supporter and cheerleader that they feel safe around. May the words we speak nurture the growth of our marriage!

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Come back tomorrow for day 4 of the challenge; we will be talking about handling anger.