Speak Life Challenge // Day 4

When Anger Comes Into the Picture

Everleigh Company Speak Life Challenge Day 4 Anger
Everleigh Company Speak Life Challenge Day 4 Anger 2
Everleigh Company Speak Life Challenge Day 4 Good Sense

These Scripture verses show us that anger doesn't do us any good in relationships.
Yet it is one of the easiest traps we fall into when we communicate.
I hope the following will be helpful in guiding you handle anger.

Zip your lips. Pause for a moment. Let God come into your heart.

Say, "I am tempted to sin with my words right now. Please allow me a few minutes to talk to God about it. Can we come back to this?"

Go to a quiet room and surrender your anger to God through prayer.

Ask God to reveal to you why you are angry. (James 4:1-3)

Confess, repent and ask for wisdom on how to handle this conflict with whom that made you angry. Ask God to guide your lips.

In addition, I have personally used the conflict wheel with Grant.
The conflict wheel consists of 5 questions to help you talk through a conflict:

What happened?
What it made me think?
What it made me feel?
What do I want?
What will we do going forward?

Anger can quickly heat up a conversation and could cause deep wounds. Let us pray for ourselves that we may be wise women who stop the flame from kindling into a full-blown fire. Let us have good sense and take things to the Lord so our hearts may be changed by Him.

How are you doing in this challenge?
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