Speak Life Challenge // Day 5

Discerning When to Speak

Everleigh Company Speak Life Challenge Day 5 DIscernment
Everleigh Company Speak Life Challenge Day 5 Get Wisdom

We use a lot of words in our everyday life.
We often feel the need to talk, to let it off our chest.
But from what we've learned over the last few days, talking isn't always a good thing.
It is important that we discern when to speak and what to speak.

Pause before you speak.
Ask yourself, "is what I'm about to say loving? Is it helpful? Is it gracious? Have I talked to God about what I want to say?"
When in doubt, it is best to not say anything at all and let God's Word guide you.

Discerning is probably the hardest to do.
It takes time, patience and commitment.
But know that the Lord wants our hearts to be at the right place, so if we ask for discernment from Him, He is sure to answer us and grant us wisdom.
May we be wives who are humble and patient in discerning so that our speech (or the lack of) may bring glory to God!

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