One Easy Way to Hosting Stress-Free Dinners

I'm not bluffing.

It IS possible to inviting people over, hosting a meal AND enjoying their company in the presence of your family.

It's super easy - are you ready for this?

Repeat after me: Stop trying to please them.

Just stop.

I know. They are your guests, but don't put pleasing them above all else.

Stop imagining it in your head over and over again before they arrive, how their faces lit up when they see the well-decorated home.

Stop striving for that, "oh my gosh, you did ALL this by yourself?! You are a superwoman!"

Now I am not saying you shouldn't be considerate of your guests. We SHOULD be loving and kind to our guests, but trying to please them will only give you stress and make you unpleasant to be around (especially to your husband & kids).

Pleasing our guests is NOT the same as showing hospitality.

As we anticipate the coming of the holidays, It is a good idea to prepare our hearts so that we may be hospitable in ways that are glorifying to God.

We must look to God's Word for guidance in order to put our hearts at the right place.

God Welcomes Us Into His Presence

When The Fall happened, it separated us from God. But God orchestrated a great plan so that we may once again be welcomed into His Kingdom.

This is the first part of showing hospitality - the invitation.

He also wrote down this invitation so that people generations after generations may receive His invitation and be given the chance to accept it.

God Welcomes Us Just The Way We Are

He doesn't require us to be all polished up. He doesn't expect a gift from us.

He takes us in just the way we are - as broken & non-glamorous & messy as we can possibly be.

He doesn't judge but offers overflowing grace and kindness.

We weren't won over by God's decorating ability. We didn't feel welcomed because He had provided a seven-course meal.

We feel right at home because of the grace and love He pours out to us.

He gives us a sense of belonging.

That is what we should give our guests first and foremost - grace, love, and telling them through our actions that they belong.

That is what will truly bring our guests back. That is what will free us from having to throw the best party ever.

Giving our guests the grace that we were given by God.

That is a picture more beautiful than the Instagram feed you're following and trying to copy.


How are you doing? Where is your heart in terms of showing hospitality?

My prayer is that as we approach the holiday season, we would all welcome friends and strangers into our home with God's hospitable heart. So that His love and grace may be shared among the lost and the saved.

Stick around this month as we continue exploring the topic of hospitality.

We will talk about how to practical live it out and give you all the kits/checklists/printables you need to make it easier on you.

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