6 Tips for Spending More Time with Jesus

Let's be honest.
Crazy busy #momlife makes it harder to read the Bible.
I'm either so preoccupied by so many things going on or I'm just wrung-out by the end of the day.

BUT, it IS possible to spend time with Jesus if we're intentional and creative with how we use our time.

Read the Word Before Everyone Else Is Up
I know that means getting up early. I know. I know. You'd reeeeaally like some more sleep.
But let's think of it this way:
If getting up 10 minutes early means getting to connect with God, which means you'll be fueled by His Word as you go about your day, which means you'll be more likely to display the fruits of the Spirit as you interact with your spouse and your children - would you do it?

Take a Bite-Sized Approach
Switching up your reading style could reap great benefits for the crazy busy #momlife. Instead of reading paragraphs after paragraphs, try reading a few verses at a time. Our Indwelt Bible Study Guide does just that - it takes a bite-sized approach so it's manageable and easy-to-digest, which is just what us mamas need. Click here to learn more about the Study Guide.

Read Bible Stories at Story Time
This is one of the best ways to get some Bible time for mamas.
Not only are you telling your kiddos about Bible stories, YOU are also getting the Word in. This is especially good for days when your brain capacity is running low.
Here are some Bible story books I'd recommend:
The Jesus Storybook Bible by Sally Lloyd-Jones
The Biggest Story: How the Snake Crusher Brings Us Back to the Garden by Kevin DeYoung

Listen to the Bible
This is great for when you're performing mindless tasks like folding the laundry.
A couple Bible apps I use offer audio Bibles too.
They are the ESV Bible app (iOS // Android) and the Blue Letter Bible app (iOS // Android).

Join a Bible Study
Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) is a solid Bible study community for men and women all over the country (and internationally as well).
Bonus perk: they offer free child care ;)
You may find a class here.

Structure A Family Quiet Time in Your Day
Set a timer for 15 minutes where the kiddos are playing or reading quietly and you are reading the Bible. It may take a couple days for the kiddos to get used to this new routine, so don't expect the first day to go. But once you all get the hang of it, you'll get some extra time to read the Bible.

Mamas of little ones, this super busy and demanding season doesn't have to take quality quiet time away from you. Keep persevering and fight the good fight. Jesus is worth it.

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