Top 5 Posts from 2016

Can you believe we're just 5 days away from the new year?!

Holy cow.

This year FLEW by. 

I'm gonna spend some time this week to reflect on 2016 and share what God has taught me.

But before I do that, let's review some of our most popular posts from 2016.

1) Wives and Words - a guest post by Carrie Sharpe
This is a great post by our lovely friend from He Says She Says. Carrie shared the power wives have with our words. We can make or break our husbands simply with our tongues. Check out the post here.

2) Speak Life Challenge
Along the same lines of communication, our Speak Life Challenge was popular among wives who desire to be an encouragement to their husbands. It's a 5-day challenge where you'll learn to be the cheerleader you're meant to be. Check it out here.

3) 25+ Books That Grew My Faith, Marriage, Motherhood & Homemaking
Our curated list makes a great resource for anyone who's looking to grow in various areas of their lives. Check out the list here.

4) Fill His Heart with Courage by Kelsey Van Kirk
Another great post by a great friend Kelsey Van Kirk (at The Homeloving Wife). Kelsey shared some practical ways to encourage your husband because behind every great man is a woman who shows respect. Read the post here.

5) Is Your Home a Safe Haven For Your Husband?
In the Christian community, it is often emphasized how important it is to open our homes to friends and even strangers, so much so that we might forget about those who live in our homes. This post gives you a few key questions to ask your husband so your home can be a true safe haven for him. Check out the post here.

What's your take on YOUR top posts? Which blog posts have impacted you the most? Share away in the comments below - I want to know! :)