#025: How to Uproot the Lies in Our Thought Closets: A Guide to Guard Our Minds

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Do you have a lot of weeds in your thought closet?

As I was pulling weeds in our strawberry garden, I was thinking how I had A LOT of weeds to pull. The weeds saw the opportunity to take roots as soon as it got warmer, they sprouted up and soaked up every drop of water and sunshine. They grew strong and tall, before I knew it I had an abundance of weeds. 

If you think about it, our minds work the same. One "little" lie takes root in our minds, if we don't uproot it and replace it with truth, it will grow strong and soon enough it will go into seed, spreading the little lie into a big garden of lies.

And you know what happens to the plants surrounding the now-strong weeds? They get choked to death, pretty much, by these weeds. If we ignore the lies in our thought closet, they will grow strong and kill all the sound truths we have.

How to Identify the Lies

Investigate your sins - Your sins are great indicators for what lies you're believing in. The sins we commit are the fruit of the lies rooted in our hearts. By taking a really good at our lies, we should be able to work backwards and find out what started it all.

For example, my husband works really long hours. I've been hoping and praying for a new job for him for a long time. I started to get frustrated when he was still at this long-hour job; I wanted to push all the new opportunities in his face. And when he said no, I would get irritated and depressed.

"We're never getting out of this season!"
"Doesn't he
want to be home more often?!"
"He doesn't care about us!"

These are the lies that would float in my head.

Investigating my irritation and depression, it became more apparent to me that my hope lied in this "new job". If only Grant would get a new job, our life would look a lot better. While a new job might have Grant home more, there's no guarantee! My hope lied in an earthly perishable thing instead of in God who's faithful and is the Provider!

Knowing what lie was rooted in my heart helped me use Scripture to uproot the lie and set my heart back on track.

Know the Truth - You don't know what's false unless you know what's true. I love Jen Wilkin's illustration about this: the FBI agents are to sit down and really study the real bills. They know the real ones so well, so inside out, that when they encounter a counterfeit they know instantly it's a fake. That's how we ought to be with God's Word. We need to immerse ourselves in God's Word and grow in it so much so that when Satan tries to whisper lies to us we know instantly he's speaking nonsense.

As busy women, especially if you're a wife and/or a mom, finding time to really study the Word is probably a struggle for you. If that's you, don't be discouraged, there are lots of tools that can help you. At Everleigh, for instance, we have bite-sized Bible Study Guides that you can use for 5-10 minutes a day for your daily Bible reading. It's short and sweet but deep and meaningful. It will shift your eyes from self to God; from Satan's lies to God's truth. Let this Bible Study tool help you grow in God's Word so whenever the father of lies tries to deceive you, you know instantly it's a lie.

Another great resource for replacing lies with truth is the Quick Scripture Reference for Counseling Women by Patricia A. Miller. It is categorized into different topics so you can quickly look up verses that you can use to meditate on.

Do you have weeds in your thought closet that you need to kill RIGHT NOW? What truths do you need to replace the lies with?