When Someone Else's House is Better Than Yours

I walked in to my friend's new house, immediately I thought, "their house is so much nicer than ours."

Catching myself for having such a thought, I pushed it aside and proceeded to chat with my friend and catch up on life. But as the conversation went on, I couldn't help but have these little sneaky thoughts that pop up in my head:

Look at that bright airy kitchen! Looks just like a Fixer Upper kitchen!
There's so much room in here!
We're about the same age and they could afford this house. If only we were more financially established, perhaps we could have afforded this.

Darn. Those. Thoughts.

I hated having those thoughts but pushing them off to the back of my mind doesn't work. I need to surrender them to the Lord.

Discontentment Loves Neglected Poisoning Thoughts

The little pop up thoughts I had at my friend's house? They're poisoning; they pollute my mind and if I don't confront them, they will breed discontentment. Instead of rejoicing always like we're commanded to in 1 Thessalonians 5:16, I'm now murmuring always. 

If only I had been offered a higher paying job!
If only God would give us another house!
If only God would give us more money!

Instead of seeing what God has already given me as blessings, I see what God didn't give me and I blame God.

Neglected poisoning thoughts breed discontentment.

Lord, Take My Sinful Thoughts

So what do we do with these annoying sinful thoughts? We surrender them at Jesus's feet.

take every thought captive to obey Christ
— 2 Corinthians 10:5

We can try to manage those thoughts; we can try to ignore them but nothing will kill discontentment until we take our thoughts captive.

When we lay our comparisons at Jesus's feet, we are telling God, "I'm sorry for losing sight of You, O Lord. Forgive me for ever forgetting the grace and the abundance You have lavished on me. Take these toxic thoughts out of me. You are my Shepherd. You give me what I need when I need it. I shall not want."

Friends, we are too blessed to be bogged down by our sinful comparison thoughts. We are too blessed that it'll be a shame we can't see how God has blessed us. Let's take our thoughts captive and surrender those toxic thoughts to Him.