#038: When Your Husband is Not a Believer - God's Faithfulness in Unbelieving Spouses

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Is your marriage unequally yoked where your husband is not a believer but you are?
Are you desperate for hope for your husband who is not walking with the Lord?

Joining me today on the podcast is Kathy Krueger, writer at Crafter of Words.

She is sharing her powerful story of God's faithfulness in bringing her and her husband into the Kingdom.
Strap on your seatbelt, this is gonna be a good one!

Some tidbits of the wisdom from this episode:

- How to love a non-Christian husband
- How she prayed for her unbelieving husband
- How it's not about changing your husband
- How your relationship with the Lord is what will attract your husband to Him

About Kathy Krueger

Kathleen Krueger is a freelance writer and owner of Crafter of Words LLC. She also is a mentor to other freelance writers who are just beginning or want advice on growing their business.
She has been married to husband Steve for 42 years. They have two grown daughters and 8 grandchildren. Kathleen has been a Bible teacher
of both children and adults, as well a leader in prayer ministries in her church and community. Outside of her writing business, Kathleen is known for her poetry and involvement in the arts community.

Connect more with Kathy on her websiteFacebook and Twitter.