When Mommy Needs a Time-Out

I look at my toddler who's throwing a fit,
kicking and screaming on the floor,
anger flares up in my heart like a wild fire.
I yell back at him with as much attitude as a teenager,
and he screams even harder ignoring my "effort" trying to stop his nonsense.

Regret fills my heart.
I blew it again. I thought.

Mommy needs a time-out.

You see, I find it profound - me a sinner called to steward and raise a precious soul that God has made.
Who am I to lead such a precious being?
And yet, God willingly blesses me with TWO children.

God knows for a fact that we cannot do anything unless we abide in Him.
And He gives us what we need to do what He's called us to do.
When we put 2 and 2 together, we get this conclusion:
In order to shepherd our children well,
we need to abide in Him and draw wisdom + grace from Him.
Without Him, we blow up. We mess up.

That's what I mean when I said mommy needs a time-out.
I need God to intervene my heart when I want to sin in my anger.
I need God's Word to keep me grounded in His Truth.

Mama friend, will you give yourself a time-out when you blow it?
Will you let God filter your heart and put peace in it?

If you struggle with getting time reading the Bible,
I get it.
I've been there.
You feel stuck. You feel like you don't really have time to dig in to the Word unless the kids have grown up.
You don't have to feel that way, friend!
There IS a way to get quality time in the Word even in the midst of crazy busy #momlife.

I created Indwelt Bible Study Guide: Bite-Sized Study for Wrung-Out Moms just for that reason.
It came from my own desire to get soul-refreshing time reading the Bible and connecting with God.

After having 2 kids under 2, Bible-reading was a struggle. 
Weeks would go by before I had a quality quiet time.

But that had got to stop.
Because we cannot do motherhood well unless we're abide in Him.
We cannot abide in Him if we're not even in the Word!

That's why I decided to write Indwelt Bible Study Guide, taking a bite-sized approach to reading the Bible so it's manageable and easy-to-digest, so it makes sense for this stage of life.

Don't miss out on deep connections with God, friend.
Start reading the Study Guide for just 5 minutes today and let the Spirit work within you.
Your family will thank you.

Get your Indwelt Bible Study Guide here.

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