When One Verse is All You Can Read

It was like a breath of fresh air.

I had been a believer for about 2 years at the time when this moment of "ding!" hit me.
My Bible-reading habit had been reading one chapter at a time.
Until one day when I only read ONE verse and that was it.

It was refreshing.
I dug deep. I chewed on that verse. I dwelt on that verse.
I got SO much out of just this one verse.

I couldn't believe I hadn't done that before. I was missing out on so much!

Fast forward to a couple months ago.
Now married with 2 little kids, getting quality time in the Word is hard.
Weeks could go by before I get some good time reading.

And then I remembered how refreshing it was to read just one verse at a time.
And I thought, "this must be the answer for a busy season like this."
Sometimes I just don't get very much time reading,
sometimes I just don't have the brain capacity to process a whole lot.

But I can read ONE verse. (or maybe two)
That I can do.

And if I could benefit from soul-refreshing time in the Word by reading one verse at a time, other moms could too!

That is how Indwelt Bible Study Guide was born, you guys.

It came from a desire to connect with God through His Word and a desire to share this gift with other ladies in the midst of crazy busy #momlife.

Mamas, your Bible-reading time probably looks different now, comparing to what it was when you were single. And that's okay. It's just a season.

Bible-reading is not about rituals. It's not about legalism. It's about that deep connection your soul yearns for when you read God's love letter for you.

It's when your soul is fed that you can feed your family spiritually, emotionally and physically.

Feed your family well starting today by reading one verse at a time.

You can get instant access to your FREE chapter to Indwelt Bible Study Guide by clicking the button below:

Blog Post: When One Verse Is All You Can Read | Everleigh Company #Christian #Bible #Faith
Blog Post: When One Verse Is All You Can Read | Everleigh Company #Christian #Bible #Faith