Words That Your Husband Will Appreciate (Freebie Alert!)

Hi ladies! How are you all doing?

Last week we had our Speak Life Challenge - how did you all do?

I hope it was helpful for you to learn how to speak encouragement to your man.

After learning the HOW aspect of speaking life, perhaps some of you are wondering WHAT to say when you want to encourage your husband.

For that reason, I have put together a list of verbiage that might be helpful to you.

I respect how hard you've been working to provide for the family. I want to make sure you know I appreciate you.

I trust the decisions you make for our family.

I trust that you are doing your best for our family.

Our children are blessed to have a father like you. It makes me glad to see how you've been guiding them to God's truth.

Thank you for showing our kids what a man looks like.

Thank you for how you've been leading me in this marriage. I am happy I married you.

I am proud to be your wife.

I love being married to you.

You may be imperfect but you are perfect for me!

I wouldn't change this for the world!

I can't stress enough how important it is for us wives to speak life into our husbands' hearts.

This world is so quickly to criticize, to judge, to belittle people.

It would be even more discouraging if your husband comes home to your nagging or your pointing fingers. 

Your husband needs a cheerleader and no one is more qualified than YOU to be one!

And since texting is huge in this digital age, I wanted to make it more fun and refreshing!

Enter Milk & Honey.

It is a 30-picture-text package that will cheer your husband on for a month!

The best part about it? It's a FREE resource!

It focuses on giving your husband affirmations, affections and adoration.

Think about how uplifting it is to receive these texts from YOU, his wife!!

Download the texts now!

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