Zealous: Ready for Good Works as a Wife + Mom

Zealous: Ready for Good Works as a Wife + Mom


Crazy Busy. Frazzled. Drained.
You get so busy with #allthethings in mothering that you are disconnected with God; you are hardly in the Word at all. We've been there. Ironically, everything good flows from the living water. Only when we draw from God's living Word can we get unfrazzled and THRIVE in our roles as wives, mothers and homemakers.

In our newest addition to the series, Zealous: Ready for Good Works as a Wife + Mom unpacks the book of Titus, diving into what a God-glorifying life looks like practically as a wife and/or mom.

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What is the Indwelt Bible Study Guide series?

The Study Guide series is a Bible Study for busy wives + moms who struggle with getting time in the Word. Taking a bite-sized approach, you will be prompted to dwell on one (or two) verse at a time, digging deep through word studies, interpretive and reflective questions. You will grow in your relationship with God, grow in your knowledge of His Word and apply the Truth into your life right now.


The study, Zealous, is beautifully created by Maggie and presents the book of the Bible in a way that helps to make the Biblical message easy to consume for those of us who have a house to clean, kids to run after and a husband to spend time with. I love that Maggie is able to help me study the Bible when sometimes it’s so hard to fit any type of God’s word into my life.
— Danielle, mother of 3
I absolutely loved the Bite-Sized Study Guide. Sometimes daily devotionals can be so long that it becomes hard to really dive deep into the word, the bite-sized study guide gives you a few verses at a time so that you can really pray, think, reflect, and study the scripture! Not only did it help me understand the verses better, but it’s also aimed at a Mama’s heart. I was able to apply what I read to my daily life as a mom and wife.
— Dani, mother of 3
[The Bible study has] helped me see God’s word in a different way that has made so much sense.
— Becca


Is this just another Christian devotional?
No, it is not a devotional where you read about what I've learned from the Scriptures. The Study Guide is a self-guided study that offers plenty of room for you to journal your thoughts/reflections. It has questions/prompts that guide you through the verses, helping you interpret the meaning behind the Scriptures. It also has word study sections where you pause and meditate on one particular (and often glossed-over) word. Last but not least, the application questions will help you apply what you just learned into your real life.

How big is the Study Guide?
The hard copy of the Study Guide is printed in a convenient size of 5" x 8". Compact enough to fit in small purses.

Can I go through the Study Guide with a group of mom friends?
Absolutely! The Study Guide is great for group discussions with its small manageable chunks of Scripture verses and follow-up questions.

How long does it take to go through the whole study?
It depends on your reading pace. If you go through 3-4 pages at a time, you should finish the Study Guide in about 5-7 weeks.

Can I order the Study Guide in bulk for a group?
Absolutely! For group pricing, please email us at maggie@everleighcompany.com

What if I don't like the Study Guide after I've purchased?
We want you to be absolutely satisfied with our Study Guides! If for any reason you feel like it's not a great fit for you, contact us at maggie@everleighcompany.com within 30 days of your purchase. We will give you a full refund.

I still have more questions - can I talk to someone about them?
Absolutely! Shoot us a message at maggie@everleighcompany.com and we'll do our best to answer your questions!